Welcome to Towson

“Strangers are just family you have yet to come to know” ~ Mitch Albom

So this entry is going to be kinda short because it has been a long day and I have to be up early tomorrow. But I moved in today!!! I still hasn’t sunken in that I said goodbye to my parents and won’t be seeing them for a month and a half. It’s so weird!

But anyway, I have met a lot of great people today. Some I may never see again and others may become my best friend in the future. Regardless, I need to go into this experience wanting to meet everyone. I was so tired today and wanted to go to sleep at like 6 but here I am at 12:30 writing on here because I just got back. People were out doing things so I went with them to “put myself out there” as my parents like to say. Everyone here is a stranger to me but doesn’t mean it will be that way forever or even all that much longer.

I’ll check back in tomorrow when I’m rested with more about my experiences but for now I am going to get some much needed rest!


About lifeisntaparagraph

I am a freshman at Towson University. I am a math major. I love to dance, read, and travel. I have two sisters, a dog, and two cats.
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