The glass is completely full

“When you walk with purpose, you collide with destiny” ~ Bertice Berry

So right now it’s kinda hard finding time to post here because I am just so busy but I’m going to try to catch up on everything that’s been happening. This orientation experience has been pretty eye-opening. Not only do I now feel like I belong at this school but I feel like I have a purpose. We have heard speakers and have done various activities that moved me. The one guest speaker gave us so much insight. I got the quote above from her. She told us that we all have a purpose in life and we can all achieve great things. But that definition of great doesn’t always remain the same. But basically she told us that that quote means that when you know that you were put on this earth for a reason, then you will find that reason and things will end up alright in the end.

I’ve also made a lot of great friends. I was a little worried about that but I think knowing that no one here knows me has allowed me to put myself out there a lot more. I’m just worried about maintaining friendships. I guess as long as I stay in touch with them I’m okay because I’m not the person who needs a lot of friends and the ones back home are the most important to me.

Classes start tomorrow and I’m a little nervous about finding my way. I went to a HUGE high school but this is still so different because every class is in a different building. I’m also worried about the strictness of the teachers. I just got a syllabus for English and he doesn’t excuse being late. That might be a problem since I have 10 minutes to get there some days from the opposite side of campus. But hopefully if I talk to him he’ll understand.

I’m starting to miss the comfort of home. I love it here, but no one knows me and I know no one. That is nice knowing you can be whoever you want but I also like to be with people who get me sometimes. Meeting these new people, I can’t help but think will there ever come a time when I can be myself. I’m starting to worry about my former best friend. I never imagined going off to college without her and while I’m dealing just fine, I miss her and really wish she was there for me to talk to.

I’m having a difficult time dealing with not having my space. I’m a kind of person who needs space to breathe sometimes and you don’t really get that with college. I feel like I don’t have a place to go to just let go. I mean I guess my room if my roommate’s not in, but I never know when she’s going to come back. I’ve never been one who has been good with the whole glass half full, glass half empty thing. Some people say I’m negative and pessimistic, but I try so hard to stay positive and optimistic. Sometimes when life gives you every reason to cry, it’s hard to maintain that, so I seem negative but I really think I’m just a realist. I mean I’m a math major, I see things for what they are. So I’m just going to stick with the fact that the glass is completely full, half water, half air.


About lifeisntaparagraph

I am a freshman at Towson University. I am a math major. I love to dance, read, and travel. I have two sisters, a dog, and two cats.
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